6 Tool U provides the most comprehensive training programs available. 

Through evaluation, training and education, 6 Tool U prepares athletes to play at the next level! 

Wilson Baseball Academy members receive a 10% program enrollment discount

Arm Care - Off Season (With Long Toss & Full Body Training)

The program is comprised of low impact arm care exercises, high intensity explosive movements, and core strengthening. Each aspect of the throwing motion and delivery is broken down into segments as well as isolation movements.

This program is designed for off-season gains with low impact on the arm in order to repair the damage that may have been caused during the course of the spring and summer season.

Player Evaluation

Pitcher and position specific evaluations are conducted using objective data, subjective analysis and Peek Performance Network software.  The results of the evaluation are used to project a player’s skill level and identify the program(s) the player should enroll in to advance their skills and improve their overall projection.

Weekly Infield Program

This program is comprised of a number of different drills that target the fundamentals associated with playing infield.  Each drill builds on the previous ones, allowing players to master playing an infield position.

Weekly Hitting Program

This is a high intensity program specifically designed for the player looking to take their hitting to the next level.  The program is comprised of exercises and drills to increase bat speed and power. 

Weekly Pitcher & Catcher Program

Pitchers will be provided a number of drills that address how to control different game situations as well as live bullpen sessions.  Catchers will be provided instruction on the various stances, how to control different game situations as well as live bullpen sessions.  Each area of training builds on the previous, allowing pitchers and catchers to master their positions.




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