Wilson Baseball Academy Installing Private Practice Field

Wilson Baseball Academy is excited to announce construction has begun on its private practice field.  The field is equipped with an independent sprinkler system and will have in ground mounted bases that can be moved to accommodate all age groups up to 13U.

USA Prime Baseball - Dallas East Fall Coaching Opportunities

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USA Prime – Dallas East is actively seeking applicants for coaching positions for our summer teams.  We are looking for coaches for all age groups from 9U and up. These are paid positions. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Manage and oversee assigned team; ensuring operations are conducted in accordance with Wilson Baseball Academy Policies and Procedures

  • Participate in and support player tryouts 

  • Develop and implement effective and efficient team practice plans to ensure all player development program items are satisfied

  • Develop team’s tournament schedule in a timely manner 

  • Maintain team’s operating budget

Submit your resume to wilsonbaseballacademy@outlook.com     Enter USA Prime Coaching Position in the subject line.  

Hitting Program

This is a high intensity program specifically designed for the player looking to improve their ability to hit with power.

Infield Progam

This program is designed specifically for infielders.  The program is comprised of a number of different drills that target the fundamentals associated with playing infield. 

Arm Care Program

This program is comprised of low impact arm care exercises and high intensity development of explosive movements and core strength. Exercises and drills are designed for movements made when throwing/pitching to include balance, explosive drives directionally towards the target to late rotational movement. Each aspect of the throwing motion and delivery is broken down into segments as well as isolation movements and addresses overall strength & conditioning.

Catching Progam

Catchers will be provided will be provided a number of drills that address various stances, how to control different game situations as well as live bullpen sessions.  Each area of training builds on the previous, allowing pitchers and catchers to master their positions.

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